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Higher Education Marketing (HEM) presented a free 30 minute webinar, "Blogging Best Practices for Student Recruitment," on Thursday, January 29th, at 1:30 pm Eastern. To view the recording of the free webinar please sign in!

This webinar will showcase you the importance of blogging for marketing and recruitment purposes of your higher education institution. By focusing its examples on the higher education context, the webinar will provide a complete guide to best practices on how to plan, publish and manage a successful higher ed blog. We will provide a basic getting started guide to Blogging covering:

  •         What’s the definition of a great blog?
  •         How does blogging benefit your institution?
  •         Blogging is at the center of your inbound marketing
  •         Who is your target audience?  – building personas
  •         Blogging with a content strategy
  •         Blogging and search rankings
  •         Blogging platforms
  •         How to managing your blog with a content calendar
  •         Sharing your blog on social media
  •         How to measure your blog’s results

This webcast is ideal for junior marketing staff, admissions managers, and other departmental decision-makers who require a practical understanding of blogging and its critical importance to meeting your institution’s marketing and overall business objectives.