Aimed specifically at K-12 schools, this presentation addresses the challenges of connecting persuasively with parents and students online, with the goal of increasing international applications.

HEM introduces audiences to each digital channel (organic, social media, Pay-per-Click, etc.) and provides examples of how K-12 schools can integrate these channels for their own specific recruitment needs, while tracking progress to maximize ROI.

Topics covered in this presentation include:

• Using Google Analytics to measure your international traffic by country and channel (email, referral, social, paid search, direct, organic, etc.)

• Setting up GA Dashboards to track agent versus non-agent traffic

• Configuring GA Website Goals to track conversion events (online application submissions, contact form completions, brochure downloads, etc.)

• Leveraging user-generated content (such as student and parent testimonials, and student-authored blog posts/videos in multiple languages)

• Analyzing your international search queries by country and conducting keyword research

• Deploying motivational and trust-building content on social media (inspirational quotes, faculty profiles, etc.)

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