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With the increasing competition in the education sector, it's crucial to ensure your recruitment strategies are optimized for success. HEM Education Marketing Solutions can help your school achieve its goals with our specialized digital marketing services.

For over ten years, HEM has partnered with hundreds of schools, providing tailored marketing solutions to meet their unique needs. We understand the challenges you face and are dedicated to helping you attract and recruit the right students.

Here are some of the services we offer to boost your lead generation: 

  • Digital Marketing: Enhance your online presence and reach potential students through targeted campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Student Application Portal: Streamline your application process to improve student experience.
  • Custom-Built CRM for Schools: Manage your relationships with prospective students more effectively.
    Admissions Consulting: Get expert advice to optimize your admissions strategy.

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15+ years of proven campaign success
Leveraging the best of AI and human talent for top results
Data-driven strategies to maximize your ROI

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Mark Hatton

Webster University Geneva
HEM is arguably, the world leader in digital marketing for education and we are pleased to work with them to achieve our goals

Patrick Golding

Cumberland College
Working with HEM ensures that we maximize the benefits of our digital investments and reach our targeted audiences with impactful messages on search engines and social media.

Sung Chu

Randolph-Macon Academy
HEM’s ability to take media collateral and transform the message into a visibly appealing package is of high standard. However, what makes HEM truly stand out is their ability to make sure messages reach key audiences.

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