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Higher Education Marketing (HEM) presented a free 30 minute webinar, "An Introduction to Google Analytics for Higher Ed Marketers," on Wednesday, December 10th, at 1:30 pm Eastern.

This webinar presents an entry-level introduction to Google Analytics (GA) for marketing and recruitment staff who require a basic working knowledge of this tool. By focusing its examples on the higher education context, the webinar provides an introduction to basic GA setup and reviews the most common reports applied in an educational institution setting. We provide a simple guide to getting started with Google Analytics covering configuration, settings and reports, including:

  •                  Adding GA code to your website
  •                  Setting up profiles and filters
  •                  Assigning Goals
  •                  Linking Webmaster Tools and Adwords to GA
  •                  Using channel reports
  •                  Measuring organic search results
  •                  Tracking Campaigns
  •                  Identifying your most popular web content

After viewing this free webinar, you will have a basic working knowledge of Google Analytics that can help you improve your technical knowledge and skills, and more effectively market your institution.

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