Download your Copy of this HEM Digital Marketing Survey Report

Our survey, conducted in late 2014/early 2015, examines the use of digital marketing channels, tools and tactics by higher education institutions including universities, community colleges and private career colleges.  It reports on the wide scope of marketing activities and preferences of higher ed marketers, providing insight into how activities are managed, staffed for, budgeted and evaluated, including:

  •   Most & Least Used Digital Marketing Tools 
  •   Why Specific Digital Marketing Tools are Used
  •   How Success of Tools and Tactics is Measured
  •   Institutional Staffing Allocations by Area of Activity
  •   Digital Marketing Budgets
  •   Budget Projections for the Coming Year
  •   User Perception of Tools and Their Effectiveness
  •   How to Best Improve Digital Marketing Efforts
  •   Conclusions

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