HEM Webinar Series:

This webinar was held on Thursday, January 6, 2022 @ 1:00 pm ET 


Google Analytics can tell you which digital platforms are sending users to your website, which country drives the most traffic, and which users are most likely to want to enroll.  But you have to set it up correctly and intentionally so GA can tell you all these things. Learn how to set up your school’s Google Analytics to deliver these important metrics that can inform your digital marketing actions, and provide some data to the ROI of those actions.

Our upcoming webinar on Google Analytics Fundamentals: A Quickstart Guide will give you a quick high level overview on how to set up your Google analytics, setting filters and goals, and how to read standard GA reports — all with a view to helping you see how critical this to have in your school’s marketing toolkit

You’ll learn:

  • Where your website visitors are coming from
  • The power behind the data and why GA is so valuable to schools
  • How to read GA standard reports
  • Setting goals and filters that align with your objectives

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