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Higher Education Marketing (HEM) presented this 30-minute webinar, "Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Student Recruitment Campaigns with Google Analytics," on Thursday, November 17th, at 11:00 am Eastern.

This webinar provides marketing and recruitment professionals in the education sector with the knowhow to use Google Analytics (GA) effectively in their digital marketing initiatives. Focusing on common examples from the student recruitment sector, the webinar will look at how GA can be harnessed to get real results in your inbound marketing campaigns, and drive lasting improvements in your performance. The presentation includes:

  •                  Creating an effective GA management plan 
  •                  GA basics: Setting up and optimizing accounts 
  •                  Getting real value from goals and conversion tracking 
  •                  Linking Webmaster Tools and Adwords to GA 
  •                  Tracking campaigns
  •                  Navigating and interpreting GA reports
  •                  Measuring your results
  •                  Optimizing for continuous improvement      

Whether you’re just getting started using Google Analytics or looking to improve your existing campaigns, this free webinar will help you to improve your technical knowledge of the tool and gain a clearer understanding of its application in your inbound marketing initiatives.

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